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The story of Besant Lodge

  Besant Lodge​​

Besant Lodge has quite a history . . . Originally built as the first independent silent movie theater in Los Angeles, it showcased many of the famous silent era films. During this time it was also used as a private preview club for directors to share their new works with each other. Along the way in the 30's and 40's, actors such as Orson Welles and Joan Crawford did some local theater here as part of what was called "The Beachwood Players". It became our present day Besant Lodge when the property was bought by the Theosophical Society in America in the mid 1950s.  Beachwood Canyon at that time had a large Theosophical community who were dedicated to both Spirit and Art. These same local Theosophists built venues like The Hollywood Bowl (for example). In it's Theosophical incarnation, Besant Lodge has welcomed lecturers worldwide, including; Aldous Huxley, Gerald Heard and Manly P. Hall. Today the newly renovated Besant Lodge continues all of these rich traditions by hosting unique speakers, artists and events from around the globe

Today, in addition to monthly Theosophical programs, it is host to The Gnostic Society, its church arm, Ecclesia Gnostica, and to local organizations including Los Angeles City Council District 4, The Hollywoodland Homeowners Association and The Beachwood Canyon Neighborhood Association.

Local groups including The Band of Singers and The Last Orchestraw hold rehearsals and concerts in the lodge.

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