Besant Lodge​​

Features, Limitations & Suggested Donations

Of the Theosophical Society in America

• Event hosting is constrained by loudness considerations for not disturbing our neighbors (apartment buildings close by on both sides and the property's house behind the lodge, so especially for evening musical events there will be strict limitations that the event has to comply with.

• Street parking ONLY!  Either to the north or south of our location has better availability than our immediate neighborhood, due to the concentration of apartment buildings built before "On-site parking" ordinances took effect (maybe) in the 1940s.

• Size of the Hall:  22' wide front to back and 40' deep (Stained glass window side).  About 65 chairs leaves a bit of standing-room for overflow.

Available in-house:

• Sound options with speaker's microphone and your audio playback.

• Projection (SD available) with 12 foot wide installed screen or 6 foot wide portable screen.

• Lighting:  Existing lights can be supplemented.

• Baby Grand Piano (tip the host for a freshened tuneup).

• Full Kitchen requires your Full Cleanup !

• Two Restrooms

• Donations to the Lodge:  The unbelievably low suggested donations for meeting and rehearsals is $2/person.  For performances with audience, we can come to agree on your portion for donation. Depending on the labor involved, you may wish to tip the host!